Breastfeeding Photo: Part 1

Long that I’ve wanted to have my intimate breastfeeding journey captured for memory because I know that it won’t be long before it is way past history. My precious lil’ boy is growing day by day. I’m sure I’ll miss this little one and our breastfeeding relationship in the near future. So, after searching for photographers…which I prefer to be a female, I’ve finally taken leap! Here is some of the warm up of the photos that are more to come…

Together with some of our very cherishable intimate relationship as a momento…

The cheapest walker on-the-go!

Mothers, have you experienced your baby learning to walk? What did you used for your baby’s walker? Your free hands? Hands-down walker by your relatives? Or those expensive and entertaining walkers sold in the stores? Any brand that you favour? Well, my favourite is a brandless, economical plastic stool! Reasons I like this:

1) cheap, cheap, CHEAP!!! How is it? MYR5.00 for a walker. Where can you get it?

2) SAFE. A plastic stool doesn’t glide as fast as the walkers with wheels. So, it is easier to control your child’s speed. Please make sure that you choose a stool that is stable to push around. Not recommended on carpeted floor or not leveled floor as it can easily trip over. It is light in weight too. In case that it trip over, it will not hurt your child badly.

3) Motor skill-PUSH, PULL and LIFT IT UP. I love to train my boy practically, not depending on artificial tools. From the way he push and pull to walk around with the stool, he is training his skills to push n pull weighted objects. Sometimes, to turn an angle, he even figured out to lift up the stool in order for him to make a U-turn. he knows that he can’t depend on pushing n pulling all the time. No wheels all the time.

Of course, I understand that this is not for everyone. Not everyone can withstand the sound of pushing and pulling a plastic stool around the house. What you can do is…..tie a piece of cloth on each of the stool’s leg, will make the pushing and pulling quieter and will not hurt your floor’s finishing.

Please watch my boy in action and leave a comment.

Boy and Bread

Hello, all! After two and a half months after non-blogging, I really really miss my blog. I’m glad to finally have some time to blog again now. Now that GTing is 15 months old, he is really really active and demanding on my time. There is a lot of his stories but let me start with a piece of bread…yes! his first piece of bread. After so much of comments and opinions on my fellow aunty about me limiting GTing’s food, I was searching high and low for a more natural and preservative-free bread for him. I wouldn’t like to start his first bread encounter with Gardenia or other breads in the market as they are high in processed ingredients and preservatives. Finally, after much search…I bought him an Olive bread from THE LOAF. Ingredients are…sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, black olives, salt…and the basic bread stuff. It was a chewy bread…not those soft fluffy bread though. However, GTing enjoyed its chew and mew texture…slowly devouring the olive fragrance. See his action pics…

Homebirth vs Hospital Birth: my experience


How I wish there is such a support and encouragement in Malaysia about natural birthing at home. When I suggested to do a homebirth, my mother actually glared at me in disbelief and started coming out with lots of WHAT-IFs…as if naturally birthing a child is impossible. She said that I need ’DOCTOR’s HELP’ to deliver my baby. There and then, I enrolled into a hospital, ended up with a pitocin birth because of the discouragement of the doctor, even though I had my birth preference sheet signed by her, requesting for a natural birth…. and my birth companion a.k.a. my mother, who was too anxious about my long labour and just couldn’t wait any longer to have my baby out. My another birth companion a.k.a. my hubby, was too tired waiting for the baby that his energy and conciousness was drained out…so the REMINDER is gone. Another reason for the pit is because I felt not so comfortable in the hospital during my labour. I just couldn’t dilate comfortably, leading to slow and pro-long labour. I was admitted too early. Lessons learnt:

  1. Admit at the very very very last minute, the moment that you just couldn’t stand the pain anymore. I made a mistake of going to the hospital when I was only 1cm dilated, and I actually skipped the decision to go back home due to some reasons. I felt not comfortable in the hospital and actually would like to go home at that moment. WHATEVER, WHENEVER, HOWEVER, TRUST YOUR INTUITION. If only I had return home, I might have a more relaxed and shorter labour.
  2. Get a very very very supportive birth companion with you. He/she is the person who will remind you of your choices when you are too much in pain to even think about anything. BEST IS TO GET A DOULA with you.
  3. Never ever ever ever come to interventions unless IT IS MEDICALLY NECESSARY. When I got the pit, the doc and my mother told me the baby hanged in for too long. I was in pain for nearly 48 hrs. My consciousness on choices was gone. I forgotten that BABY HAND IN TOO LONG IS NOT MEDICALLY URGENT as long as the baby is doing fine in there. I had intermittent checks on the baby’s heart beat and he was actually doing fine when I was offered the pitocin. Really really regret this now that I think of it.
  4. If it is possible, DO A HOME BIRTH!!! It might be more simple that what the hospital has to offer. Imagine, no disturbing intermittent checks on baby’s heartbeat(actually I hate that the most…just made me lost focus on my dilation and breathing, even when the midwife was asking me the permission, she just keep asking and asking and asking few times until I said ‘yes’. Can you imagine the disturbance?), no IVs, very comfortable place to relax(your cervix will dilate faster, shorter labour), you can eat and and do whatever you want(freedom), no strangers disturbing(you just have to entertain them and smile when talking to them….and you are in labour pain! Can you do both at the same time?), no checking on your cervix dilation(everytime they did that, it just made me wondered is it possible to get it to dilate to 10cm? it was out of my imagination. And it is a very sensitive area, the more they check and touch on it, the more it will stiffen, leading to slow labour)………well, the list goes on and on……

Although Malaysians are not familiar with homebirth, I’ll definitely insist to do it if I have a chance next time around…with the guidance of Hypnobirthing though…

    My Wedding Day “companion”

    Never have I thought of blogging about my Wedding Gown but Cath-J has tempted me into heboh-heboh’ing (showing off) my wedding gown.

    Well, it was my pride on that very memorable day. I remembered watching a Korean TV drama showing the main lead actress wearing a Greece style wedding dress which I like a lot sometime before my wedding.

    So, when I was trying out my dresses….I was searching for this kind of ‘feel’. To my dismay, one of the dresses which I’d tried on had the exact same cutting…Greece style, but it was too small and the dress couldn’t be altered much to fit me. Hence, I ended up in a Victorian style dress.

    Two reasons I chose this dress were:-

    1. The style can fit the flower crown I chose. I like the flower crown because it gives a GREEN feeling and doesn’t feel ‘heavy’ a.k.a. too elegant.
    2. The dress simply doesn’t have tail…easy for movement on the actual day. I love free and easy movement so that I can take photos naturally.

    My Wedding Day dress was not my first choice, but I was glad and still am glad that I’ve found it, through my mother’s help. She was the one who suggested that I tried it on. I fell in love with it after just one try….because of the details on the gown’s back. I do not have a full picture on its details, but here is a snap shot of  part of it…ribbons and lace.

    I chose a separate veil as I did not favour sweating all the way through the day. I just get the veil off after it’s been lifted up by the groom. Ta-da…..the whole view of my wedding day ‘companion’. No necklace, no earrings…..just the flower and the gown.

    Do you think I look like a flower girl instead?

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    Healthy Finger Snack for baby

    Many articles that I’ve read on the internet have taught me about healthy finger snacks or healthy finger food that I could give to my baby. As a first time mum, I’ve gone searcing for guidance as finger snacks is not a popular food that Malaysian Chinese mothers give to babies because of a whole lot of worries…worry that they might choked on the chunks or seeds, worry that they might not digest well, worry that babies couldn’t handle the food on their own, worry that babies get themselves messy, etc. Our typical baby food for 6 months to 1 year old babies is porridge, porridge, porridge….blend, blend, blend…..Well, after reading so many articles about these interesting baby food that I myself was drooling on, I’ve came to give my baby anything that I feel comfortable with. Below are some simple guidelines from my maternal instinct about the baby snacks:

    • anything that is natural, non-processed, preferably non-pastuerized food (only given to a more mature baby), preferably raw (only for vegetables and fruits).
    • anything that is safely cut in size, preferably without seeds. (seeded food need CLOSE supervision, eye on your baby every second!)
    • anything that is soft but holds its shape slightly after kneading, hitting, pressing (this will make your baby not so messy)
    • any taste is good (babies can accept any taste and they love to try out although given weird facial expressions)
    • spicy food like chilli or cili padi can be tried but comfort your baby if he cries and get the chilli out of his mouth immediately! well…i’ve tried it a few times.
    • anything that is warm or in room temperature (cold food is not good for babies, e.g. cold fruit slices)
    • Last but not least, supervision…supervision…supervision…….just keep your eyes on your baby!!!

    Here is GTing’s experiences on his finger snacks:

    My first World Breastfeeding Week

    Never had World Breastfeeding Week(WBW) mattered to me as of now. I have heard this event going on for some time in my life but I’ve never really felt the significance of this event until I’m a breastfeeding mother now. I’ve promised myself that I’ll blog about this this time but haven’t really have the time until now. It’s almost over! Luckily I managed to squeeze out some time to write about WBW.

    World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August in more than 170 countries to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. It commemorates the Innocenti Declaration made by WHO and UNICEF policy-makers in August 1990 to protect, promote and support breastfeeding. – by World Health Organization(WHO)

    To me, as a breastfeeding mother myself, I am proud and happy to be a part of the event to support and promote breastfeeding, to all the people that I know and do not know…mothers who are breastfeeding or not, and more importantly to fathers who have wife who are breastfeeding and not. To mothers who are breastfeeding, please be proud of yourself that you have made it this far for your child, for offering them this flow of love endlessly. To mothers who are not breastfeeding, please do consider taking up breastfeeding if you have any chance in the future, weighing the pros and cons of breastfeeding to your precious one. For fathers who have a breastfeeding wife, please show your utmost support to your loved one and your precious little ones because you cannot imagine how important your support is to them. In most cases, to make it or break it highly depends on you. For others who are not breastfeeding but knowing anybody who are breastfeeding, please take your little time to explore and understand more about breastfeeding and also show your support to them. The societal view on breastfeeding is as important to breastfeeding mothers in a society. Together let us encourage more breastfeeding activity going on in the world for a better and brighter future for our future pillars of strength.

    Happy World Breastfeeding Week !!!

    Durian anyone???

    GTing’s first durian experience with Raja Kunyit (猫山王) durian. He enjoyed it soooooo much, that when I took away the durian seed from him, he cried! Ever think of giving durian as finger food?

    Natural baby stomach ache relief

    GTing was in the midst of high fever(up to 40°C) for 3 days and 3 nights until later the doc found out that he had stomach infection because of  his bile was infected. I remembered on the third day morning, while his fever subsided, I gave GTing some Kiwi fruit puree hoping that he gained Vitamin C to help him fight off his fever. However, he ended up stomach cramping, twisting, turning and crying hard. I was worried and immediately sought some help from one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre’s (TCMC) assistant. I was not aware that he had stomach infection and that fruits are not recommended for him at that moment. The TCMC assistant told me to rub some minyak angin (chinese stomach ache oil, purpose is to ‘release wind’. Chinese traditional belief is that stomach ache is caused by ‘wind’ in the stomach) on GTing ‘s stomach. I was very very worried at that time because I don’t have GTing’s minyak angin with me! Luckily, the TCMC assistant then said, “you can also rub some sesame oil onto his tummy and put him facing you, tummy to tummy, with his umbilical cord spot directly facing your umbilical cord spot.” Yes! That’s right! SESAME OIL! 100% SESAME OIL!!! I’ve never imagine that sesame oil can be useful like this! Since confinement, due to Chinese traditional belief, I’ve consumed a lot of sesame oil during confinement period because it is believed that sesame oil can help to heat up the body(Chinese traditional belief is that the mother’s body after birth will be cold ‘yin’) But how have I never thought that sesame oil is able to ‘release wind’ too, just like the minyak angin. Luckily, I use sesame oil a lot for cooking after my confinement period because of its health benefit. There I went…I took out my big bottle of 100% pure sesame oil, pour a drop onto my palm, rub it hard…back and forth….on my palms, then I applied on GTing’s tummy. I did this a couple of times. And then, I placed GTing tummy to tummy on my stomach, with our umbilical spot facing each other. Yes! At first, he still struggled. I pressed him hard on my tummy to make sure he didn’t move away. Then…..slowly….after around 5 minutes, he stopped struggling…very calm. His stomach ache was reliefed. He also quickly felt asleep on my tummy. Think so that he was tired because of the cramps…haha…so, another alternative for baby stomach ache. =)

    GTing First Father’s Day

    Today is GTing’s first Father’s Day celebration…or rather, it’s the family’s first Father’s Day celebration. We went for BBQ Plaza as our first try too. However much we enjoyed the meal, GTing just showed interest in the Kids Menu and the spoon…not really eaten much though. Guess this is how first Father’s Day is celebrated in a kid’s life…more like parents celebrate for being parents…don’t you think so?